Privacy Policy

Who we are

This is the privacy policy for Dwidlo, an iOS game.

Our website address is

From here on in this document, Dwidlo will be referred to as Our Game.

Those who manage Our Game will be referred to as AweAndJoy.

We collect data

– Reports and Statistics

Our Game automatically gathers crash reports, error reports, and anonymous usage statistics.

Our Game uses Google Firebase to help us gather all these reports and statistics.

In particular, Our Game uses Firebase Crashlytics to help us gather crash reports and error reports, and uses Google Analytics for Firebase to help us gather usage statistics.

Why we collect such data

Any and all error reports ever collected, aid us in fixing any bugs.

Usage statistics are an invaluable resource when attempting to judge what may be the best future for Our Game.

Such statistics are actually the only insight we have into what may be really happening with Our Game, and as such, we need them as they are the only way we have to know any different from any of our natural human prejudices.

What data we collect

Here is some of the info that Firebase automatically collects:

  • Vendor Id
  • Number of users and sessions
  • Session duration
  • Operating system
  • Device model
  • Geography (country)
  • First launches; app opens; app updates
  • In-app purchases

By accepting our privacy policy you are also accepting the privacy policy of Firebase.

You must read their privacy policy in order to know the details of the info that is collected automatically by them.

Where we send your data

Firebase is a product of Google which is a company based in the United States of America. As such any and all raw data will be transmitted to their servers and will be treated in accordance with their privacy policy.

AweAndJoy personal will have access only to the aggregated information provided on such Google platforms.

AweAndJoy offices are located in Portugal.

Your rights

You may choose to not share crash, error, and statistics data with us.

You may ask to delete all data gathered to date.

To prevent the personal data referred to in this document from ever being transmitted, you must refuse to send us error reports upon launching Our Game for the very first time.

After some data has been transmitted, you may still choose to stop transmitting more data by going to Our Game settings menu and reconfiguring the privacy settings there.

Any requests will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy of the already stated Google platforms and any limitations they may have.